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The Man of Stone

The Man of Stone
Inspired by Robert Wiene's Cabinet of Doctor Caligari
(right click for download recommended)

Paper puppet animation on still backgrounds based on the story by Hazel Heald as revised by H .P. Lovecraft

Multiplane, AfterEffects (compilation), Maya (background), Sound Forge (sound editing)

Files Size: 148 mb
Length: 1 minute 52 Seconds
Story By: Hazel Heald (Revised by HP Lovecraft)
Music By: Bela Bartok

Banks of the Ohio Banks of the Ohio
Inspired by Chris Marker's La Jetée

(right click for download recommended)

Series of still shots capturing motion and story progression in the style of La Jetée

AfterEffects (compositing, compilation), Daz Studio (animation), Bryce (background), Photoshop (touch up)

File Size: 173 mb
Length: 4 minute 8 Seconds
Story Rendition By: Taekwan Kim
Music By: Johnny Cash
Models By Various Artists from the Daz Community

Environment from The Man of Stone

My goal with this environment was to achieve the kind of perspective distortion found in Cabinet of Dr. Caligari without employing a full-blown expressionist style. The idea was also to incorporate shadows into the scenery which would complement the light set-up employed during the actual filming of the multiplane animation, again à la Caligari.

Scenes from an Untitled Animation Project

The starting point for this project was the concept of "presence through absence" in which absence is so unavoidable that it becomes a presence. In effect, two figures are present in the animation: the absent one, and the one embodying the camera's gaze. The idea was to convey a narrative essentially concerning loss through lighting, environment, sound, and camerawork.
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Ribbons Ribbons
Soft Pastels
Drapes Empty
Soft Pastels
Assemblages, Montages, Etc.
The Music of Erich Zann The Music of Erich Zann
Inspired by the Short Story by HP Lovecraft and Marcel Duchamp's Given
A Room Room
Marriage Marriage
Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and Vertigo
Color Studies
Interior Interior
Color Study after Edgar Degas' Intérieur
Gouache on Mylar
Five Colors Five Colors
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