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Design Portfolio
Abstieg (2011)

Abstieg is a brief game concerning survival down a mountain descent. The purpose of the game was to test how much I could accomplish within a week's time frame. With the exception of the music used in the game, everything was conceived and crafted in seven days.

Download Game (DirectX 9 required)
Fallout 3 Mod

If the Dunkelheit Building can be described in one word, that word would be “deathtrap”.

The goal with Dunkelheit was to encourage active situational awareness and creative use of the environment to bring the player out of the monotonous, one trick VATS fest that Fallout 3 can become at higher levels. This was done though frequent disruptions in player line of sight, challenges to the player’s ability to control his exposure to single targets, and limits to the number of targets susceptible to single shot kills—not to mention the actual traps that make the Dunkelheit Building so deadly.

A high level dungeon, with estimated game time for a first playthrough at about 45 minutes.

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Download Documentation (save link as recommended)
Ego Eimi
Alternative Main Quest Chain For Fallout 3
Design Document

Ego Eimi is an alternative main quest chain for Fallout 3 that seeks to blend some of the identity mechanics of Blade Runner (1997) with the Fallout universe.

The main purpose of this document was to devise a full campaign length quest chain that provides an entirely different gameplay experience while reusing almost all of the assets from the original campaign.

This document contains all of the content and mechanics
details required to implement the quest chain, including dialogue, quest specifics, and the identity determination system.

Download Document (Word format)
Unreal Tournament 3 Level
Recommended Players: 6 - 12
9.7 User Rating on UTFiles / FileFront
Featured Deathmatch Map (UTFiles / FileFront)


An alienation zone segregated by concrete barriers and electrified fences

Akeldama pushes box-shipped art assets towards new directions in order to avoid the cookie cutter look too frequently found in UT3 maps. The map features a straightforward layout that is easy to learn but still conducive to a wide range of complex gameplay.

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Unreal Tournament 3 Level
Recommended Players: 12 - 24

An island citadel with fortress prison architecture

Once again constructed wholly from existing art assets, Kiroh is an oversized UT3 map that solves the pacing problem of comfortably supporting up to 24 players (twice the usual maximum player limit) without resorting to vehicles or transponders.

This has been done with the introduction of a novel system of horizontal movers and "airlifts" supported by a network of scaffolds which allow the map to expand vertically as well as horizontally in a porous and rapidly accessible manner. The "airlifts" improve upon jump pads by allowing fluid and controllable entry/exit. Several teleportals have also been placed at strategic locations to allow the player to quickly move closer to, or retreat from, the action.

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Download Documentation (save link as recommended)
Dilapidated Docks
Level Design Documentation
Estimated Play Time: 20 - 60 minutes (depending on side quests)

Dilapidated Docks is a level designed for the Troika's Vampires: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. The full document, including maps, was composed over the course of three days as part of a design test, and has been posted here with permission.

The documentation is provided below in Word and pdf formats. The map file contains 4 versions of a full letter size map for easier viewing.

Download Document (pdf)
Download Document (word)
Eye for Eye
Download Module | Requires Neverwinter Nights and Both Expansions
Estimated Play Time: 15 - 25 minutes
A Bloodstain

9.3 User Rating on Neverwinter Vault


Eye for Eye is a fully implemented custom module for Neverwinter Nights.

Download the module

Code samples (these links will each open in a new window):

Introductory Cutscene
Parrot Placeable
Sundial Puzzle
Safehouse Puzzle
Final Cutscene

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